Friday, 20 April 2018

Annabel’s 8th cupcake party

I know I say this often however, pulling together a party with all the chaos of life, work and uni is exhausting! That said Annabel begged to have a party this year and offered to help design and create all of the details! So with the idea of spending precious time with Annabel on the table I really had no choice but to say yes! 

Once again I contacted Gabriela from Nina Designs to collaborate of the party design.  Gabriela told me that colour was very ‘hot’ right now so we decided to depart from my usual monochromatic palate and create a colorful party! I know I say this every time but Gabriela did an exception job and I have found a collaborative geninus that truly makes the party!  You can check out more of her modern and graphic party printables HERE.

Unlike my usual early preparations, this party was pulled together in record time to bring all the details together! Annabel was true to her words and helped with the paper cutting, decorations and baking! Again such a great way to spend precious time with my girls! The dessert table was set against a backdrop of cute cupcake designed by Gabriela from Nina Designs.  It was so much easier to just print out a large scale image rather than construct an image from hand!  On the dessert table I wanted to keep the display as colorful as possible with accent use of rainbows! I kept the plate ware simple and added the colour with a yellow cake plate and some cute paper wrappers!

The children enjoyed my fondant cupcake cookies. These are truly a labor of love and were made in one day between my other commitments (they usually take me a few days)!  I think these cookies have truly become a ‘Little Paper Plate’ Signature!  I also served giant marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles!  I saw this idea on one of my favourite blogs (Sweet Style) a few years ago and put in my back pocket for the right occasion!  They are totally sweet and an easy party treat!  Thank you also to Something for Cake for the awesome sprinkles!  Quickly just a shout out to my fellow Sydney-siders and Australians… if you are looking for modern party and baking supplies then head into Something for Cake.  I have been a customer of there's for a few years now and have always appreciated the help bringing my baking alive!  Lately I have been really impressed with the recent changes they have made to their baking supplies and offerings.  They have some amazing modern themed cake decorating kits, themed party decorations and cake toppers! So if you are in the market for party goods head into the store or the website HERE.

For the cake and cupcakes I reached out to my ‘cake dealer’ and friend Rebecca from Sweetcrush.  Rebecca did an amazing job on the cake and cupcakes and literally saves my sanity for every party I throw.  You can check out more of Rebecca’s baking talent on her Instagram account HERE

For the party due to time constraints I kept it simple with a photo booth to create lovely mementos of the day, rainbow masks and a performer from Stardust Kids to entertain the girls.  Totally worth it every time!

I hope you enjoy the party pictures and details as much as I enjoyed making them and join me in wishing my Annabel the sweetest birthday!

Big love Felicity xx

Please note I am not paid for any of these referrals or business shout outs, I just do because I believe in paying it forward and giving credit where it is due!

All pictures copyright to Little Paper Plate Events


Cake & Cupcakes: Rebecca from Sweetcrush:

Candy: Ikea Australia

Cookie decorating supplies & sprinkles: Something for Cake

Confetti balloons: Poppies for Grace

Sprinkle marshmallows, cupcake fondant cookies, styling & photography: Me! - Felicity - Little Paper Plate Events

Party Printables: Nina Designs Party Printables:

White Paper plates: Daiso

Rainbow masks: Cotton on Kids