Sunday, 6 August 2017

Stella's Koala Party

Our dearest Stella aka ‘little koala’ turned the big 4! Again without sounding like a broken record managing to pull another birthday party together while working full time proved to be a huge challenge! That said there was never has a chance to be let off the hook as Stella has been dreaming about her party for the past six months! So with that I decided to create a koala theme based on a sweet little costume from Sparrow and B and dress by Milk and Masuki that I saw on Instagram. I also chose the theme (with Stella's approval of course) as Stella is always attached on my back for constant cuddles! For the party I decided for my sanity to keep the numbers down by just inviting a small number of Stella's preschool buddies.  For the design I again reached out to my Gabriela from Nina Designs and Parties.  In her usual awesomeness, Gabriela created this sweet little koala printable set based on a crochet koala toy I purchased from a local children's toy store. I especially loved the thank you tags, colouring page and the pass the parcel leaf to keep the little ones occupied!  Amazing job as always Gabriela!

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of a cute koala face and mint coloured gum leaves (designed by Gabriela) which was a little nod to Stella’s panda party!  On the dessert table I wanted to keep the display simple with accent use of grey.  I placed the cute crochet toy, small lovely plain grey cups and some grey and white striped paper straws.  I also added I cute koala bunting (designed by Gabriela) which helped with the table symmetry.  Again it would not be a party without my fun and popular fondant cookies.  I think they turned out well!? I also reached out to my reliable cake dealer Rebecca from SweetCrush for her amazing sweet buttercream treats. Thank you Rebecca the cake was amazing as always! You can check out more of Rebecca’s baking talent on her Instagram account HERE. I served lamingtions and iced vovo’s to add to the Australian vibes (both classic Australian treats) and made sure I had the coffee brewing for the adults!

For this party I have to concede I was genuinely exhausted on the day and therefore the photography was very grainy and not my best work. Without blaming my tools I also think there is something wrong with my camera as I was dealing with error messages left, right and centre... anyway you still get a feel for the details!  

Big love Felicity xx

 All Images Copyright of Little Paper Plate Events - please contact me for any re-use!


Party printables in collaboration with Gabriela from Nina Designs & Parties:

Cake and cupcakes: Rebecca from SweetCrush:

Cookie decorating supplies: Something for Cake

Cookies, styling and photography: Me! - Felicity - Little Paper Plate Events:

Koala Dress: Milk and Masuki:

Koala Costume:

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Sweets for my Sweet - Annabel's 7th birthday candy parade party

Created and written by: Felicity - All content and photographs Copyright

In the chaos that is my life I decided that returning to the workforce full time whilst undertaking further university study was not an excuse to stifle my creativity and for Annabel to miss out on a birthday celebration. With that I have to say organising all of the elements while battling fatigue was a challenge, especially as most of it was last minute which is totally not my style.  That all said party planning and preparations was a great way to spend time with the girls during the school holidays before heading off to work in the evenings.

With time restrictions in mind I chose a candy parade theme as it was fun, simple and required minimal baking!  Once again I could not have designed the party without the amazing talent of Gabriela from Nina Designs - Party Printables.  Gabriela really did an incredible job, she is always so faithful to my ideas and requirements.  For this party I really struggled with selecting the colour pallet as wanted to stay true to my minimalist style as well as staying away from some of the brash colours that are normally associated with candy theme parties.  Thank you again Gabriela I truly could not make my girls dreams come true without you!  You can check out more of her amazing party printables HERE.

So with a non baking party in mind I had a crack at making some ‘candy bark’ I had seen on Instagram. Again I have to thank all the amazing people on Instagram and YouTube that share their skills, you can literally learn how to do most things via the internet these days! Using the white melts was pretty easy however the pink chocolate discs seized so they went straight into the trash!  For the candy bark I used sprinkles, cute pastel candies and popping candy. I was happy with the result and the children loved it!  Continuing the non bake theme I recreated some ‘Candy Kabobs’ I had seen on one of my favourite blogs Oh Happy Day.  Seriously what a genius idea, not only was it visually effective, it had a practical element in keeping the candy intake to a minimum. Rather than just slamming down a bowl of candy for unregulated consumption, having individual serves kept a sugar crash at bay! Again conceding to my time limitations and pure exhaustion (seriously emergency nursing is brutal) I once again contacted my friend and ‘cake dealer’ Rebecca from Sweetlove.  Rebecca did an amazing job on the cupcakes and cake!  Thank you Rebecca the sprinkles and colour combination was perfect!  You can check out more of Rebecca’s baking talent on her Instagram account HERE.

Even though I tried to avoid flicking on the oven switch a “Little Paper Plate” party would not be the same without my fondant cookies.  I enjoyed using a yellow fondant to decorate the bon bon cookies however, I did try and make a blended rainbow fondant but that met the same fate as the pink chocolate melts.  Again I want to send a shout out to Something for Cake for their amazing help in bringing my creative baking endeavours alive.

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of a cute lolly pop and bon bon characters dreamed up by yours truly and bought to life by Gabriela from Nina Designs.  Again it was so much easier to print out large scale images rather than construct them from cardboard like I did for Stella’s Panda Party.  On the dessert table I wanted to keep the display simple with accent use of fluro pink.  I found some great fluro pink items from Typo.  My favourite fluro pink style moment was the cute cupcake stand from Ruby Rabbit Party ware.  I was really happy with how all the details turned out especially as they were all mostly last minute.  To ensure the pink items popped I kept the plates, paper ware and standard party details to a minimum.  I served my cupcakes and popcorn in some gorgeous Paper Eskimo white baking cups at Ruby Rabbit Party ware.  I hung gorgeous white honeycomb garlands to create a white on white effect and also set up a Photo Booth using a streamer set from Poppies For Grace both purchased from my favourite party shop Ruby Rabbit Party ware.  Gabriela from Nina Designs created some very cool props for the Photo booth in which all the children had lots of fun with! I have to say I love having a Photo booth at every party now as it is a great way to capture a lovely memento for each guest.

I hope you enjoy the party pictures and details as much as I enjoyed making them!

Big love Felicity xx


  • Cake and cupcakes: Rebecca from Sweet love:
  • Fluro pink cupcake stand, white paper baking cups, popcorn containers, pink and white straws, pink paper plates, white honeycomb garlands, Poppies for Grace Streamer set: Ruby Rabbit Party ware:
  • Annabel’s outfit - Cotton On Kids
  • Fluro pink sweet box, cup and mini pegs: Typo