Saturday, 19 November 2016

Lauren’s 8th birthday book exchange party:

I know I always start my blog posts this way but however, the last six months has been some of the busiest months of my life and I have to give myself props for organising and making it through another birthday party!  As usual the preparations began months ago and I have been slowly working with the girls to bring all the details together! Lauren and Annabel are becoming quite good at paper cutting and now enjoy helping me with the set up and baking. I have to say these parties have become a good teaching tool and a great way to spend precious time with my girls! As usual I wanted to pick a theme that was not so typical so tucking Lauren into bed one night with a book the idea of a book exchange came to mind.  Once again I contacted the amazing Gabriela from Nina Designs to design a custom ‘bookworm / book exchange’ theme party printable set.  Once again Gabriela and I worked on the design to keep it simple, girly and fun!  Gabriela knocked it out of the park with her beautiful graphic style and my favourite details were the station posters, ‘Lauren’ banner and the amazing 3D lolly boxes!  You can check out more of her amazing party print packs HERE

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of cute bookworm and irregular spots designed by Gabriela from Nina Designs.  It was so much easier to just print out a large scale image rather than construct an image from hand!  On the dessert table I wanted to keep the display as monochromatic as possible with accent use of pink and mint colours.  To add to the book exchange theme I covered some textbooks in white paper and used them as cake stands.  I was really happy with how this detail turned out and I think added nicely to the theme.  To add height and some whimsy to the display, I added some light timber objects.  I used an amazing peg board and desk drawers found at Kmart to display objects and fill with sweet treats.  I loved the ‘perforated’ look of these objects and wanted to link in the round circles that made up the bookworm character.  Lauren and her friends were quite amused by the hidden pink and white sweets that filled the drawers.

The children enjoyed my vanilla cupcakes, fondant bookworm cookies, white chocolate sprinkle spoons and popcorn!  I served my cupcakes and popcorn in some gorgeous Paper Eskimo black and Mint baking cups at Ruby Rabbit Partyware - I love their simplicity.  I have to admit this time around my fondant cookies were nearly my undoing as I could not find a suitable cutter so I needed to use a series of round cutters to assemble the cookies by hand. The glasses were the most difficult aspect of the cookie as I had to cut out a black circle and then a smaller white circle within.  I want to send a shout out to Something for Cake for letting me borrow some of their small cutters to help with the bookworm glasses. It was deceptively difficult and incredibly time-consuming however, Lauren and her friends loved them so it was worthwhile! For the cake I collaborated with friend Rebecca from Sweetlove.  Rebecca did an amazing job on the cake especially as she moved in the same week!  Thank you Rebecca!  You can check out more of Rebecca’s baking talent on her Instagram account HERE.  To crown the cake I hand made the bookworm cake topper  out of fondant to add the overall theme.  

For the party the guests were welcome to bring a book to exchange.  Lauren and her friends really got into the spirit and the left overs will be donated to our local library! I also set up a book-mark making station and set up a photo booth to create lovely mementos of the day.  The book mark and exchange stations were topped off with super cool custom design posters made by Nina Designs. To ensure I was not excused of creating a boring reading party, I requested and organised a 'wacky librarian' from Stardust Kids to entertain the girls. Stardust kids were great to work outside the box and create a fun character to fit in with the theme.  The librarian was fantastic and had the girls laughing and mesmerised the entire party.
What a fantastic party and as the guest list was small I was really able to sit and watch Lauren enjoy it for the first time!  

I hope you enjoy the party pictures and details as much as I enjoyed making them and join me in wishing Lauren a happy 8th birthday!

Big love Felicity xx 

Paper baking cups and straws: Ruby Rabbit Partyware:

Cake: Sweetlove:

Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake

Cupcakes & toppers, chocolate spoons, bookworm & number 8 fondant cookies, cake topper, styling and photography: Me! - Felicity - Little Paper Plate Events

Printables: Nina Designs Party Printables:

White Paper plates: Daiso

Wire basket, peg board, wooden drawers: Kmart Australia


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