Sunday, 17 July 2016

Stella's desk - a place for creativity & discovery

Only a few months late and on the last day of school holidays I  finally found some time to set up Stella's birthday present.... her desk! As you can probably tell desks are a big thing in our family, they offer everyone a personal space for creativity and discovery.
My daughters have grown up watching me study at my desk (I  currently study part time at university while raising my family) and believe this has been the catalyst for them ask for their own. It is my firm belief that the girls watching me study their whole lives has influenced their love of reading, learning and given them an appreciation that learning can be life long.  This is something that continues to drive me to study into the early hours most nights.

As I am always juggling work, study and home duties I collect bits and pieces to squirrel away until I am ready.  I was joking with another mother at swimming lessons today that it is not in my DNA to just buy a desk and put some crayons in a bowl, I have to style it, do a photo shoot and then write about it! Mad or creative genius, I will let you decide!

The design started with the cute finger puppet I purchased many months ago at my favorite shop Pulp Creative Paper.  I also purchased a handmade pink fabric yarn basket from Chompa Handmade when purchasing a lemon yellow bowl for Stella's happy balloon Birthday party (Read about it HERE). I added the gorgeous blue and mustard french doll at the last minute as my way to pay tribute to the victims in Nice, especially the children.  What a complete tragedy and my heart breaks for the people of France. To complete the set up, my lovely friend Gabriela from Nina Designs + Parties who I have worked with for the girls parties designed and gifted the amazing ABC poster (you can buy one HERE). 

I hope you enjoy the photos of Stella's desk. 

Big love Felicity x

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