Saturday, 4 June 2016

Oh em gee Stella is three!

The week of Stella's birthday was one of the craziest of the year so far... Between work, university, writing my graduate application, catching up with an old school friend, party preparations, baking, managing three kids and one husband was certainly challenging! Despite the hectic week it was worth every second, especially seeing the glorious smile that adorned Stella's face the entire party.  So many balloons, so much fun and so wonderful to have an excuse to party like a three year old!  

The party was so much fun and a little quieter (well sort of) with just keeping the attendees to toddlers (not 27 screaming girls at Annabel's party last month - See HERE).  As well as keeping the guest list small, Annabel’s party also inspired the balloon theme as the girls had so much fun with $10 worth of balloons that I knew it would be perfect for toddlers! What else does a three year old need?

Once again I was so grateful to collaborate the design of the ‘happy balloon’ party printables with Gabriela from Nina Designs Party Printables, what a creative talent!  Gabriela and I worked on the design together and wanted to keep the colour palette pastel, girly and fun!  I am sure you agree how cute the balloon faces turned out!  My favorite details were the party hats, cupcake toppers and the amazing 3D lolly boxes!  You can check out more of her amazing party printables HERE. 

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of hand cut happy faced balloons, ‘Stella is three’ banner and crazy black shapes all designed by Nina Designs.  It was so much easier to just print and cut them out rather than hand drawing them all on card board! On the dessert table I had originally planned to make mint and pink the focal colours however lemon yellow became the star of the day when I came across the gorgeous ceramic cake stand, dinner plate and cup from my favorite Australian ceramic company Robert Gordon Australia.  To highlight the lemon yellow ceramics I used white serving dishes, paper plates and cups and only added a few extra details of the pink and mint.  For the serving ware I also contacted Nuria from Chompa handmade to make a custom lemon yellow fabric yarn basket.  I had been eyeing of the girls fabric baskets since I purchased them on a trip to Newcastle (read about it here) and decided this would be a good excuse to buy one for myself!  I filled the fabric basket with yellow ‘balloon lollypops’ which was another perfect sweet treat.  I kept the table bunting simple and used a white felt ball garland from Down to the Woods and scattered mini pink, white and mint pom poms on the table to continue the pom poms used on the party hats.  A quick thank you to all of the amazing people who upload how to make pom pom videos on You Tube!

The children enjoyed my vanilla cupcakes, fondant balloon biscuits and white chocolate and sprinkle spoons!  I was really happy with the fondant biscuits and think they are now becoming a true Little Paper Plate signature! The white chocolate spoons worked out so well and were a cheap and easy way to add colour to the dessert table!  For the cake I collaborated with friend and now partner in baking crime Rebecca from Becky Hollis-Patel Cakes.  Rebecca did an amazing job and I just loved the sprinkles on the cake!  I am now officially obsessed with sprinkles!  You can check out more of Rebecca’s baking talent on her Instagram account HERE.  To crown the cake I added a black number 3 cake topper by Poppies for Grace!  I am obsessed with their party style! 

The walls were decorated with more crazy shape cutouts and mint and pink paper streamers to add to the festive feeling.  I also created a balloon wall back drop for the photo booth inspired by one of my favorite blogs Oh Happy Day.  Thank you for the genius inspiration and it was so effective!  For the party activities I decided to keep it simple with an ‘old school vibe of pass the parcel, balloon games and lucky dip!  However I had an ulterior motive for the lucky dip, I wanted to create a simple activity and keep the children amused with a new toy!  It worked a treat!  I purchased fun toys like dolls and trucks from a Japanese dollar store near university and wrapped them in mint and white paper.  Instead of making the children put their arm into a scary box I decided just to display them in a yellow wire basket (that is now used as a toy basket)! The lucky dip was topped off with a super cool custom sign made by Nina Designs.

I hope you enjoy the party pictures and details as much as I enjoyed making them!

Big love Felicity xx

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