Thursday, 19 May 2016

Studio Make

The girls were lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party hosted at Studio Make on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.  Studio Make is a gorgeous art and craft studio that offers creative workshops.  The children enjoyed hand painting wooden beads and making their own necklaces (I am so proud of the beautiful colours my girls chose)! The party included a cute drawing competition, party games and dress ups!  Studio Make supplied the cordial, fairy bread and popcorn,  proving that kids really don't need fancy food to have a good party! One of my closest friends Lise added some pink balloons for a  festive touch and bake and styled the gorgeous ricotta lemon cake (which the children devoured)!  While I watched the children create their necklaces I felt so inspired to take some images to capture the beautiful colours, patterns and textures.  I hope you enjoy the images and I do justice to such a beautiful space!

Big love Felicity x 

Studio Make: HERE

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