Sunday, 3 April 2016

Apple of my eye - Annabel's 6th Birthday party

After a few years of throwing parties for the girls I was a little bit stuck for inspiration for Annabel’s 6th birthday.  That was until I found a gorgeous pink and copper apple brooch in one of my favorite shops Blackbird Corner.  With Annabel on board and happy with the theme ‘Apple of my eye’ I contacted Gabriela from Nina Designs Party Printables to customise and create some girly apple inspired party printables.  It was so fun collaborating with Gabriela again all the way over in Spain! Thank you Gabriela they turned out perfectly, you are a creative genius and we make a great team! You can buy your own apple party or other fun theme printables HERE.

Annabel asked to have a ‘low key’ event with just a few of her school friends and strictly no boys allowed!  When Annabel and I sat down to write out the guest list to my horror discovered that Annabel wanted to invite 27 school friends plus all of our extended family and friends! So after negotiating just school friends and with good intentions I decided to host a pamper pyjama party and have the girls watch a movie, serve pizza and paint some nails.  Sounds easy enough right?  Well it turns out it was very optimistic and despite the girls sitting down at the start of the movie and my lovely friend doing her best to keep up with nails it began to snow ball out of control and I had 27 very energetic girls running crazy at ‘witching hour’ in my living room!   Even though I swear I will never attempt a movie party again, Annabel’s face made it all worth it!  SO my friends take my advice next time you consider having 27 girls over to watch a movie… think again or make sure you have gin and tonic at the ready when the last child leaves the house! 

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of hand cut black card dots and a large pink apple that was inspired by the party printables apple design.  I think cutting out cardboard into shapes and faces is such an affordable way to achieve maximum impact!  I used pink and white serving dishes, paper plates and cups to keep the look simple.  I made some pink apple shaped honeycomb bunting inspired from Pinterest to complete the symmetry of the table.  I added copper elements with a simple apple container purchased from The Little Big Co. and I handmade leaves made from copper washi tape for the glass drinking bottles.  I added monochromatic details in the food and the amazing cake topper purchased from one of my Instagram favorites Cake Ink.  It’s floating cake genius!  I think by keeping the table simple helped all of the details pop.

The pamper bar was set against a backdrop of two custom posters that was included as PDF’s in the party printable package by Nina Designs.  Nina Designs also custom made some labels for some pamper products in order to create consistency and make it special for Annabel.  The poster cost $12 at the local printer and I just think it looked perfect!  I added more copper, pink and black details with a selection of pink and copper nail polish, a copper wire basket from my favorite home wares company Robert Gordon Australia, pink and copper bowl from Domayne homewares, a copper coloured wash bag from Kmart and a black and white spotted container from Lark Store.  Again I wanted to keep the design simple so only added a few extra pink honeycombs for effect.

The children enjoyed my vanilla cupcakes, fondant apple biscuits and apple cake pops!  I was really happy with the fondant copper dusted leaves I made and think they looked great on the cupcakes and cake pops.  Originally I wanted to purchase the cake pops as I had heard how notoriously difficult they can be, however when I was again quoted $4 per cake pop plus delivery I decided I would give it a go myself!  I want to say thank you to Vanessa from Cake Style for the you tube video on cake pops, it was a great help in the process and Mrs Sonia Bouw from Tied with a Bouw for your never fail vanilla biscuit recipe!  So even though my friends assured me that my cake pops looked amazing, I can confirm that the rumors are indeed true, cake pops are very difficult and so labor intensive that I now believe $4 is completely justified!  So to all professional cake pop makers I salute you!  

To feed the masses I also served liters of golden apple juice, a mountain of buttery popcorn in custom popcorn boxes and pizza from my local pizzeria ROMA 500 (who also happen to make the best coffee)!  The adults also enjoyed the pizza, sparkling apple juice and topped it off with hot chocolate and marshmallows.  The party food was topped of by an amazing cake by my friend Kathy who is now my official ‘cake dealer’ as I truly don’t think I could manage seven layers of chocolate cake on my own!  Thank you Kathy the cake was delicious as always and it was perfectly pink and simple.

Again I really enjoyed baking, making and decorating the house with my girls, it is truly a bonding experience that keeps me going three times a year! I hope you enjoy the photos and would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Big love Felicity xx

P.s Just so you know I am not paid for any product mentions or referrals I just believe in giving credit where credit is due!


  1. Just adorable! Love the colors!

  2. This party’s pink décor is amazing. Those handmade wall art and stickers are looking fabulous. I liked your idea of organizing such a cute birthday bash. Really got inspirations for my niece’s birthday party. Now just need to book venues in Los Angeles for hosting such an interesting party for her.

    1. Thanks for your kind words curtis03 Lewis! Good luck with the party!

  3. Even though we are miles apart, I’m sending PARTY all my love to you on this special day. Happy Birthday!