Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Surf and Turf

When I created this blog last year I only ever intended to share the girls parties and subsequent preparations, however our recent family holiday was so beautiful I just had to share it with you. 

A few years ago I stumbled across an amazing television called The River Cottage Australia. It is a program about an Australian farmer and his adventures on the idyllic south coast of New South Wales. After watching this lovely program I decided that we had to check out the area in person. After arriving at our beautiful farm in Narooma the scenery was just stunning and the sound of bell birds filled the air. The entire family took a huge sigh.  Clark Bay Farm was gorgeous and the girls just adored the alpacas (Grumpy, Blondie and Earl Grey) and native wildlife that visited us at dusk from the surrounding bush.

We spent our days alternating between surfing, hanging out on the beaches and inlets and munching our way through the stunning country townships. I absolutely adored the little country village Tilba. I loved the old buildings, shops, farms and the friendly ladies that served us the most perfect tea and scones.  The girls loved the old fashioned lolly shop and of course we had to leave with some samples! 

Thank you Narooma and the south coast, I feel refreshed, clean, well fed, inspired and reconnected with my family and ready to tackle another year whatever it may bring….

I have put together a collection of some of my photographs.

Big love

Felicity xx


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