Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A very 'monochromatic' christmas!

After an incredibly busy year raising three energetic and curious girls, continuing my university studies, working most weekends and generally being an awesome wife, I felt the need for a 'quieter' christmas.  In an attempt to reduce the noise I decided to keep the decorations simple and deck the halls another year.  I left the tinsel and sparkly decorations packed away and set out to find monochromatic simplicity.  

While shopping for Lauren's birthday party in November I stumbled across the most beautiful white paper banner, paper trees ornaments and graphic wrapping paper. For the tree I added in a few pre-loved white decorations, a special ornament given to me by my mother and raided my children's bedrooms for their white felt ball garlands.  Additionally I managed to recycle some items from Lauren's recent birthday party including the marque star light and wrap some presents using the large sheets of star paper by the amazing Nina Designs that I used for the photo booth back drop.  

After decorating the tree I stood back and realised that a christmas tree is just not the same without baubles and thus began the great hunt for white baubles. I searched high... I searched low.... nothing!  With only two weeks left till christmas and a two week clinical rotation looming, online shopping was out of the question.  I was defeated until last week when I was saw my friend Emily post a picture on Facebook of the most perfect and amazing baubles on the planet!  It seemed like fate as just last month Emily started her own business called 'Vinylise it' and had just added the baubles to her amazing list of products!  With christmas looming I knew Emily was very busy with lots of orders so I dared not to ask and only made a comment on how much I loved them!  The next thing I knew three perfectly round black and white monogramed baubles were left lovingly on my front door step.  Now it is not an easy thing to admit that baubles would make a grown woman happy, but in this instance they did.  Not only do these baubles fit perfectly on our tree, they represent so much more.  They represent my beautiful girls, my family, new friendships and that giving at christmas time is still as important as ever.  Thank you Emily they are perfect in every way.  If you would like to acquire some or one of these beauties for yourself or even just want to support an amazing small Australian business then you can check out more HERE

Thank you to my friends and family for encouraging me to start this blog and to everyone around the globe that has visited my pages.  I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2016!

Big love and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Felicity xx

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