Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unicorns, fluffy clouds and raindrops!

My daughter Annabel was obsessed with Unicorns and rainbows last year and requested a unicorn theme.  After looking through other party blogs and the internet for reference ideas, I really wanted to try and do something a little different and with a pastel pallet.  After finding some unicorn wall decals on Etsy, the theme and colour pallet grew.  I decided to incorporate clouds and raindrops as I felt they would add to the magical theme of unicorns.

For the event I handcrafted unicorn and cloud biscuits, white paper tissue balls and using a Fiskars shape cutter I made pink paper cloud cupcake toppers for the vanilla cupcakes.  To add to the raindrop theme I contacted ConcreteHoney on Etsy to make some custom paper raindrops to add to the tissue clouds.

The dessert table was set against a simple backdrop of the wall decals and I used pink paper party ware to add to the overall design.  To add to the design of our home I added mint coloured paper cloud shapes on the main walls and created a reading nook using a single bed mattress and a raindrop covered quilt and fluffy cushions.

Big love and enjoy! Felicity x

Party Highlights

What People Ate: The children enjoyed my handmade cupcakes and fondant unicorn and cloud shaped covered biscuits and fresh fruit.  I made a chocolate butter cake and topped with vanilla flavoured fondant and a unicorn cake topper purchased on eBay.  The adults enjoyed fresh homemade chicken, celery and walnut sandwiches.

What People Drank: The children drank cold orange cordial and the adults drank a selection of tea and freshly roasted coffee.

Party Favours: The party favours included traditional lollies and toys in a pink paper party bag. 

Activities / Games: The children enjoyed playing in the garden, reading in the nook and having a turn at the unicorn piƱata!

Custom unicorn and cloud decals - https://www.etsy.com/au/transaction/177185884
Custom paper raindrops - https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/concretehoney
Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake www.somethingforcake.com.au
Party photography: Little Paper Plate Events
Cake, biscuits and cupcakes: Little Paper Plate Events

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