Tuesday, 7 July 2015

'Two Peas in a pod' twin boy baby shower

Two peas in a pod

It was an honour to host a twin baby shower for one of my best friends recently.  When Rebecca announced that she was having twins I was overwhelmed but very happy for her as she is an amazing and devoted Mother! To celebrate her twin boys I decided with the theme 'two peas in a pod'. I used a cute salt and pepper shaker as my inspiration for the decoration and for the cake topper. 

For the event I handcrafted green dots for the walls to make a spotted theme.  I also purchased some paper green dot garlands as I thought they suited the pea theme beautifully.  The dessert table was set against a handcrafted cardboard cut out of two peas in a pod and I also hung some lettering to add to the design.  I used some green felt string and five green honeycomb balls to make some simple pea inspired bunting for the table.  I added pale green polka dot paper ware to add to the simple colour pallet and incorporate the wall polka dots.  I made my vanilla cupcakes and topped them with green confectionary sugar and flowers.  Even though the event was for a group of ladies I decided to once again make my vanilla fondant cookies as I thought why should the children get all the fun?!  With that I made cute ‘pea’ sugar cookies.  To add to the shower aspect of the table I added green and white blooms and served drinks in Ball glass jars tied with green and white string.

I am so happy with how the green and white looked in my home and once again loved making all the paper details and baked goods.  It was after this event and the continual prodding from my friends and family, that I decided to launch ‘Little Paper Plate Events’.  So if you or someone you know in Sydney is looking for a custom party I am your girl!

Big love and enjoy!

Felicity x

Party Highlights

What People Ate: The ladies enjoyed my handmade chocolate cupcakes and fondant vanilla pea biscuits, fresh brioche, chicken sandwiches and a lovely three layer vanilla buttercream cake (outsourced this time after three failed attempts in the kitchen that week).

What People Drank: The ladies drank water with lemon and fresh mint from the garden and a selection of T2 tea and freshly roasted coffee.

Cardboard peas and polka dots: Little Paper Plate Events
Felt string and honeycomb balls: Pulp Creative Paper
Cake: The Cupcake Co - Mosman
Fondant Cake topper, biscuits and cupcakes - Little Paper Plate Events
Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake www.somethingforcake.com.au
Party photography: Little Paper Plate Events


  1. Incredibly adorable! Love your parties, this one is amazing!

  2. Thank you so much Printabelle! I am glad you like it! Thank you for being the first comment on my blog!

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    1. Hi Unique Baby Gear ideas! Sorry I just saw this now!! Of course you can feature just be sure to link to my page for credits! Felicity