Monday, 6 July 2015

Panda Party

Panda Party!

One of Stella's favourite things is her cuddly panda, so I decided it would make a lovely theme for her second birthday! Unfortunately Stella woke up unwell on the day of the party so spent most of the party asleep on Grandpa. That all said it was still a lovely party and we were surrounded by family and friends to celebrate our special little lady. Once again I enjoyed decorating the house and making all of the sweet treats for the children!

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of a gorgeous panda garland purchased from Sugarcoated Events and a large panda face made by yours truly. I added monochromic details in the food and decor with a white table, Oreos, chocolate milk, a large helium number two balloon, a small black number two (painted and made by me), black and white paper goods and two Schleich pandas.  I think by keeping the table simple helped all of the details pop! I also reused the black triangle garland purchased from Concretehoney for my other daughters spooky party to add to the theme.

To keep the children occupied I made a gorgeous panda pass the parcel inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I filled the parcel with panda themed items such as purses and stationary from Daiso. I also purchased a soft panda toy for each child to play with at the party. My favourite moments of the party was watching the children cuddle their pandas and squeal with delight as they let go of black helium balloons one by one into the sky. The party ended with the cutting of the panda cake (made by me) and handing out favour boxes filled with chocolates.

I hope you enjoy the photos! Big panda love xx

Felicity x

Party Highlights

WHAT PEOPLE ATE : The children enjoyed my handmade cupcakes and fondant panda biscuits, Hello Panda biscuits in black and white paper cups, Oreos and rice crackers. I also made a classic butter cake and topped with vanilla buttercream and a layer of fondant to create a base for the panda face. The adults enjoyed fresh sandwiches made by my mother in law and savoury pastries made by my Mother. Although baking cupcakes and biscuits for the party may seem a huge chore, I think the effort is worthwhile. Making some of your own food can make the difference on the day and my guests always appreciate the effort and feel confident there are no hidden extras! When I first started creating parties I taught myself to bake and decorate these items because the alternative of buying these goods was way too expensive. I agree that baking and decorating is labour intensive, however I find the prices charged for a single biscuit or cupcake outrageous! So instead of putting up with the prices, I watched lots of You tube tutorials, sourced the materials myself and gave it a go! As they say, you can be surprised by what you can achieve if you give it a go!

WHAT PEOPLE DRANK: The children drank water infused with fresh lemon and mint from the garden and chocolate milk from old style milk bottles or stripy paper cups. The adults drank a selection of T2 tea and freshly roasted Belaroma coffee.

PARTY FAVOURS : The party favours included a small panda box filled with Smarties (Stella’s favourite).

ACTIVITIES / GAMES : The children played pass the parcel, with their new cuddly pandas and outside in the winter sunshine!


Cupcake toppers & panda banner: Sugarcoated Events -

Black triangle bunting: Concretehoney -

Large cardboard panda - Little Paper Plate Events

Fondant cookies, vanilla cupcakes and vanilla butter cake with fondant made by: Little Paper Plate Events

Panda cookie cutter: Spotlight Australia

Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake

Number 2 balloon and Party ware (Paper plates, straws, cups) -

Favour gift boxes -

Panda party ears: Little Paper Plate Events

Soft toy pandas - Ikea Australia

Party photography: Little Paper Lane Events


  1. LOVE this panda party!! Your clean, striking style is very inspiring! I hope the kids had a wonderful time!

  2. Hi Little Paper Plate, this is absolutely gorgeous, may I feature on Little big company blog

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    2. Of course Little Big Company! It would be an honor to be on your site!! I follow you on Instagram so I will keep an eye out for the feature! Please make sure you credit my photos and a link to my blog would be great!