Monday, 6 July 2015

Feathers Food and Fun!

One summers day while I watched my three daughters host a tea party in their tee pee in the front garden, I was inspired to create a dreamy bohemian styled party for my daughter Annabel.  After searching the internet and magazines for inspiration, I discovered some beautiful invitations and printables on Etsy by Prints for Events.  These printables were all inspiration I needed and provided the colour scheme of purple, plum, white and gold.  For the event I handcrafted dreamcatchers, arrow garlands, jewelled feather hangings and a white and lavender feather crown for each child.  I set up tee pees topped with feathers and recycled wooden pallets as tables as decoration and added gold and lavender paper plates, antique lace table cloths, flowers and glittery gold accents (I spray painted some old pasta sauce and ball glassware for vases) to add to the tribal bohemian inspired theme.
The dessert table was set against a backdrop of gold feather decals I purchased online.  I hung tissue paper garlands, dreamcatchers and some wooden deer ornaments over the table.  I added whimsical details of birch paper straws in ball glass jars, wooden serving ware, vintage lace doilies and some white rabbit ornaments (with their own custom feather bands made by me). 
It was a beautiful event and all the other parents enjoyed watching the tribe of girls and boys dance, sing and play games in the sunshine.  I especially loved seeing the children wearing my DIY feather crowns and devouring the sweet treats with delight!  
My biggest tip for planning a party is to start way ahead of time. It will give you plenty of time to just brainstorm and gather ideas before anything is finalised. From there I then gathered things here and there as I think of them or come across them to avoid having to make hasty decisions and to spread the cost of the party.

I love creating parties for my girls as it provides deep sense of satisfaction, is a creative outlet and is a great way to get my children involved in craft and activities.  I especially love entertaining my family and friends, I always have.  As a busy mother and University student ( I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing) I believe children parties are a great way to keep connected to my loved ones, express my love to my child and develop new relationships with my children friends and their mothers.  I believe in the age of social media the importance of gathering with our loved ones is even more crucial as it has ever been.  Sometimes it can be so easy to rely on the ‘like’ button to express our connection, however without face to face interaction I believe our relationships can never be truly meaningful.  Gathering in groups helps keep us connected and I believe is vital to the development of children's social and communication skills.  

Big love and enjoy!

Felicity x

Party Highlights

What People Ate
The children enjoyed my handmade cupcakes and fondant feather and tee pee covered biscuits (recipe here), fresh donuts and sandwiches.  I also made a classic butter cake (recipe here) and topped with vanilla buttercream and a fresh posy of flowers to create a whimsical look.  The adults enjoyed french styled pastries from my friends bakery, Le Kitchen as pastry making is a little out of my league! 
Although baking cupcakes and biscuits for the party may seem a huge chore, I think the effort is worthwhile.   Making some of your own food can make the difference on the day and my guests always appreciate the effort and feel confident there are no hidden extras!  When I first started creating parties I taught myself to bake and decorate these items because the alternative of buying these goods was way too expensive.  I agree that baking and decorating is labour intensive, however I find the prices charged for a single biscuit or cupcake (up to $4 each) is outrageous!  So instead of putting up with the prices, I watched lots of You tube tutorials, sourced the materials myself and gave it a go!  As they say, you can be surprised by what you can achieve if you give it a go!

What People Drank
The children drank water infused with fresh lemon and mint from the garden and the adults drank a selection of T2 tea, freshly roasted Belaroma coffee and fresh lemonade.

Party Favours
The party favours included traditional lollies and some bangles in a paper lavender party bag. The bags were finished off with some printable tags from Prints for Events.  I also made up white noodle boxes with wooden beads and strings inside so the guests could make a necklace at home or at the party.  I finished off the boxes with some twine and a feather detail

Activities / Games
A bohemian princess from Stardust Kids kept the children happy with dancing, bubbles and lots of great games! The children were completely entertained the entire time which was great as the adults as we were able to sit back and enjoy the sunshine too!

Invitation & Printables: Prints for Events - 
Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake
Cookie cutters and birch paper straws:
Glitter tape and paper products:  Pulp creative:
Tissue Paper tassels: Originals Group, Melbourne -
Golden feather decals - MSTORE studio, Melbourne -
Entertainer:  Star Dust Kids:

 Beads and Feather crown supplies: Lincraft:
Teepee: Mocka -
Flowers: Whitehouse Flowers Manly NSW,
Glassware: Leo and Bella
Ball Mason Glass Jars: Oz Farmer -
Party photography: Myself

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