Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Confetti Fairy Party

Confetti Fairy Party

Before all things spooky my daughter Lauren loved building fairy houses in the garden.  With this I decided for her 5th birthday to create a unique fairy party for her.  For the decorations I used gorgeous fairy bunting (cut into single fairies) and cupcake toppers from Roberts Confectionary to set the theme.  I had previously seen a confetti inspired party online so I decided to incorporate that into the event for a different twist on the fairy theme. 

The dessert table was set against a simple backdrop of handmade coloured cardboard cut and placed to look like someone had thrown confetti at the wall.  I covered a box in some cute confetti wrapping paper to add height to the table and to hold the drink containers.  I added confetti paper cups, plates, straws and gift bags to complete the design.  I made number ‘5’ and star fairy wand fondant biscuits, pink frosted vanilla cupcakes and pink and white marshmallows covered in sugar confetti. 

Big love and enjoy!

Felicity x

Party Highlights

What People Ate
The children enjoyed my handmade cupcakes and fondant number ‘5’ and star wand fondant biscuits (I used Wilton baking sticks for these).  The children also enjoyed fresh fruit and popcorn served in confetti cups, packet sultanas and marshmallows (used paper straws as handles and covered them with sugar confetti).  I made my vanilla butter cake and topped with more sugar confetti.  

What People Drank
The children drank cold orange cordial, water with lemon and fresh mint and the adults drank a selection of tea and freshly roasted coffee.

Party Favours
The party favours included traditional lollies and fairy toys in a confetti paper party bag. 

Activities / Games
A lovely friend of mine dressed up as a fairy and entertained the children in the garden with games, dancing, face painting and bubbles!

Paper: Pulp Creative Paper - http://www.pulpcreativepaper.com.au
Cupcake toppers and Fairies - http:/www.robertsconfectionery.com.au/products/cupcake-topper-fairies.html
Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake www.somethingforcake.com.au
Party photography: Little Paper Plate Events
Baked Party food: Little Paper Plate Events

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